Cindy English Gillis is an artist with a multitude of unique layers of artistic and business experience.  She painted watercolor paintings for 25 years, showing in galleries and winning awards.  These paintings were sold to delighted patrons around the world.

 During this time she also worked part time for an Orthodontist.  Cindy holds a bachelor degree in interior design and managed successfully, an architectural firm for thirteen years.

 About eighteen years ago while running and training for marathons on the beaches of Southern California, one of her running partners kept stopping and picking up sea glass.  This was new to her, and it took a while until she started picking up her own pieces of sea glass.  

This was the beginning of a new journey that ultimately led her to designing jewelry with the treasures she found along the way.  Ironically, the years working for the Orthodontist, bending wires, soldering and using the same tools used in Jewelry design along with the years designing her watercolors, interior design, and business experience have led to the start of her new adventure, Reawakened Treasure.  

The joy she finds in nature and design can be found in her unique works of art.

Copyright 2013. Reawakened Treasure. All rights reserved.

Ocean Inspired Sea Glass Jewelry, Bird Cuff Bracelets, Driftwood Bird Sculptures and more...


โ€‹Cindy English Gillis


Hi Cindy!

We have had a wonderful opening to the exhibition and an exceptional response to your jewelry.  This is the first time I have had to reorder jewelry the first week of the show!  I would like to get a few more pieces from you next week if possible; are you able to come by?

Thank you,

Hayley Miller

Director of Visitor Services

Orange County Museum of Art

Love my new necklace!  I do love it, and have received many compliments.  Thanks again. 

Absolutely stunning!  Very artistic!  One of my favorite shops!  

So simply beautiful!    I put it on the moment it arrived!

I am very excited about this extraordinary piece of art!  I saw it and instantly fell under its charm.

Cheers and have a good day.

Breathtaking...wearable art.  Thank you so much!   LOVE it Cindy!  It's so unique - like a miniature sculpture!  

I love your pieces.  They are very artistic!  

Thank you!  Only Cindy can make sea glass look like fine jewelry!  I love these earrings!  Very quick shipping and the best customer service!  

Artistic. Unique. Original. Well made.  Just the best in sea glass jewelry ever!!!  Unique and pretty, I love them.

โ€‹Great stone. I love the design. The size is amazing. Wonderful artistry and workmanship. I love it!

Driftwood Great Blue Heron:

It literally takes my breath away every time I look at it. So beautiful. Shipment was perfect.  

Driftwood Humming Bird:

I bought this for my son who is obsessed with hummingbirds, he was so thrilled to receive it !!! Beautifully handcrafted from driftwood found on the Newport Beach California coastline. ๐Ÿ’

Circle of Life Necklace:

Smashing! SOOOOOOOOOO beautiful. So lovely. I treasure it.